About Us

The headquarters of our Group is in Los Angeles, California. 

Our Global Management Team and our R&D Teams have a great deal of experience with water purification, water carbonation, and the beverage dispensing equipment sector that has been accumulated over the last two decades. 

Our staff of engineers hold a multitude of patents in fluid dynamics, carbonation, filtration and other related intellectual properties. 

DRINKSTATION is the culmination of nearly two decades of hard work from a group of dedicated engineers (chemical, mechanical, electrical and environmental PhDs) as well as award-winning industrial designers and health specialists.

Together, they’ve given us their very best to achieve this technological and environmental breakthrough. They continue to be committed to our vision: a DRINKSTATION in every kitchen. 

Our products are designed with the most eco-friendly techniques in the industry and with the environment in mind.​

The result?

Refreshingly pure water, without the waste, cost, and storage space associated with plastic bottles.

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